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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about our service or how it works? We've got answers!

Requesting Services

How can I request a service?

Requesting a service is as easy as opening your app and choosing a service and the date you want it done. Once you enter the information for your request, you will receive notifications when a Panda accepts your request and when it has been completed. Please include as many details as possible in the notes.

We may need to contact you via text to get more details before a Panda can accept. Please attempt to be available to respond so we can be sure we meet your every need.

We take care of everything - from running your errands to your purchasing needs - while you spend your most precious commodity - time - how you want.

I don't see my need listed on your services. Can you help me?

Yes! We are here to help you with whatever (legal) request that you need! If our standard services don't cover your request, simply choose "everything else" to identify what you need.We are here to help you get it all done, or find and meet with the right providers to make it happen for you.

If you have multiple chores around the house or multiple errands to be run, simply enter exactly what you need in the notes section of the "everything else" requests. The more specific you are in the notes you leave, the better we will be able to meet your needs.

How do I get charged for services?

When you make your first request, you will enter your credit card or debit card information into our secure site. We value the privacy of your information, and that's why My Panda does not store your credit card information locally.

If your request is complete within 45 minutes, you will be charged either a flat fee for our standard services. After that, you'll be charged for additional time spent on requests (in 15 minute intervals).

What if I need the Panda to purchase items for my requests?

We take care of that for you too! You will pre-authorize the maximum amount for us to spend, and we will pay for your purchases and charge you that amount plus a small service charge.

How do I get my grocery list to my Panda?

Simply type (or voice dictate) into the notes section of the request exactly what you need. You can also ask the Panda to contact you upon accepting so you can get them the list in another format (text them a picture, google docs etc.). Whatever is easiest for you!

Do I need to add a photo to my profile?

We ask members to add a photo to their profile when they become a part of the community just like we ask our Pandas to do so. We are a community, based on trust, and community members want to "meet" each other!

What if I need to cancel a request?

If you need to cancel your services, you will be able to do so by logging in to your app, choosing your open request and choosing to "cancel request".

We ask that you give us as much notice as possible, any requests cancelled within 60 min of the start time will incur a $15 charge. Your assigned Panda will be notified that you have cancelled.

What if I need to change my request or contact my Panda?

If you need to change your request or provide more information for your services, simply go back into your app, choose "My Requests" on the left side menu. From there, select the request in question, then tap on your Panda's profile to find their cell number.

You can also update the request in the active request window to provide the information to the Panda to complete. You can ask your Panda to contact you in this section. Your Panda will be notified about the changes.

What if my request is accepted, but I never hear from my Panda and they don't show up to do the work?

It is extremely rare that a Panda won't show up as arranged, but in the case of a no-show, please contact membersupport@mypandaapp.com immediately. We will work to get you a new Panda as soon as possible so we can meet your needs.

How do I know that my request has been accepted?

When a Panda accepts your request, you will get a notification in the app with the Panda's name. You can also go into the app to "My Requests" and click on your open request to see if a Panda is assigned to it.

What if no Panda is available to accept my request?

While we do our best to ensure that every request is completed in a timely manner, occasionally there is not a Panda available to complete a request within the desired time frame.

A customer service member may contact you to see if there is flexibility with your timing. If we're still unable to complete your request we will let you know so you can make alternative arrangements.

Can a Panda pick up alcohol for me as long as I'm 21 years old?

We are partnering with independent, neighborhood wine, beer and package stores to provide third-party delivery services. If you need alcohol delivered, select alcohol delivery option in the app and follow the prompts to contact your local store to place and pay for your order and the store will arrange for delivery.

Delivery fees and times will vary by retailer. Click here to learn more on our Alcohol Delivery service page.

About the PANDAs

Who are the Pandas?

Our Personal Assistants Next Door (PANDAs) are screened and vetted, have been interviewed and live in your local community. We have conducted security background checks and verified Pandas identities before approving a Panda to accept services. We then fully vet and train them to help you!

Pandas are those people in the community who want to help their neighbors, strengthen community bonds while building their own financial freedom.

How are Pandas chosen?

Pandas go through a pre-screening process to ensure that they reside in your hyper-local community, are trustworthy, have cleared a security background check and are motivated by helping.

Our Pandas come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from those who have chosen to quit corporate America to artists, stay-at-home moms and retired individuals. Pandas are provided with the resources and support to ensure that their time is as valued as our members.

How am I assigned a Panda?

Unlike other services that require you to vet, choose and meet your service providers, we do the legwork for you. You put in your service request and the time frame that you want it completed, and the Panda in your neighborhood who is capable to complete that service and is able to do so in your time frame, will do it.

You don't have to spend your time choosing the right provider, meeting the provider at your home or getting bombarded with notifications. Because we know you are too busy to vet, choose and schedule a service provider, we seamlessly take you from your request to its completion.

How do I know who my Panda is for my request?

When your request is accepted, you'll receive a notification alerting you that a Panda has accepted your request. Click on the notification or go into the app to "My Requests" and open your request.

From there, you can tap on your Panda's name to see your Panda's bio, picture and ratings. Make sure to rate your Panda afterwards!

What if I find a Panda that I love and want to request them again?

You can set that Panda as "preferred" by tapping My Requests, and tapping the Pandas name. From there, choose the right top corner, and you will be able to set the Panda as preferred.

We also suggest that you indicate the name of the Panda you prefer in the notes section of your request. While we can't guarantee your preferred Panda's availability, we do give them the opportunity to be the first to accept the request.

What if I don't want a previously assigned Panda to complete a future request?

Sometimes, you might not want a particular Panda to complete another request for you. You can block that Panda from receiving future requests by tapping in the request and then tapping on the Panda's name. From there, choose the right top corner, and you will be able to block the Panda from future requests.

What if I need a more skilled job such as handyman or tree services?

Our Pandas have a wide variety of skills and some are able to tackle more specialized services. Enter exactly what you need in the notes of the "everything else" request. If a Panda has the skills to complete it, they will accept the job.

We are also able to help find you the best person for the job and take care of all the details for you (researching, hiring, meeting them at the home and paying them). All you need to do is say what you need done and we can take care of it for you! You determine what you need help with and we will do it.

How do I contact my Panda once they've accepted the request?

You can contact your Panda or make any changes to your request by simply going back into your app, choose "My Requests" and update the request in the active request window to provide the information for the Panda. Your Panda will be notified about the changes and will contact you if you have requested them to.

Can I hire a Panda to work for me off the app?

You agree as a member not to solicit a Panda to work off of the app, or take additional jobs for you outside of the app. Members or Pandas who violate this policy are excluded permanently from the community.

Getting Help

What do I do if I have a problem?

Our guarantee is that we will make it right. Please contact us at membersupport@mypandaapp.com to let us know how we can help you.

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