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Party & Event Help

Hosting a party or event is one of the joys of life. But preparing for your guests and cleaning up after everyone leaves can be a pain. With My PANDA, you can enjoy your event without all the work!

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Fractional personal assistants in Atlanta are ready to help your party or event run smoothly

Putting on a great party or event takes a lot of preparation, planning, and logistics. Maybe you need to clean the kitchen and bathrooms, pick up food, or organize a buffet. For special events, you might even have decorations or props to set up.

Fortunately, My PANDA personal assistants in Atlanta are readily available to help. Need someone to get some last-minute snacks and solo cups at the grocery store? Or maybe you need someone to inflate some balloons and hang a special anniversary banner in your living room.

Whether it's a dinner party at home or an office party for your employees, hiring a Panda is the extra set of hands that can make all the difference.

Here's just a few of the ways you can use My PANDA to get help with your upcoming party or event:

  • Party Preparation
  • Event Assistance
  • Party/Event Cleanup
  • Attending Events as a Representative
  • Custom Event/Party Help

"She made our event a huge success"

What can I say about Wendy that has not already been said? In the heat of the moment, it was such a welcomed sight to see her approaching me to inform me that she had arrived to assist my family and I with our event. She immediately got to work and showed why she is a high value Panda, and we all really appreciated her presence. She made our event a huge success and allowed us the ability to complete every single task with time to spare. I would highly recommend anyone utilize Wendy for any of your Panda needs.
- Janelle, Marketing Executive in Midtown  undefined

- Janelle, Marketing Executive in Midtown

How it works

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Simply download the My PANDA App, create a profile and put in your Party/Event Help request.

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Let My PANDA handle the matchmaking – we'll pair you with a local, vetted, verified personal assistant (Panda) who's ready to deliver top-notch results every time.

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Get back your time and peace of mind! You get to focus on socializing and being a great host while your Panda helps with all the logistics and clean up.

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Hire a Panda to Guarantee Your Event Runs Smoothly!

Want My PANDA personal assistants to help you prepare for or clean up after your next event?

Download the App today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I need help with my events on a regular basis. Can I set up a recurring request?

Yes, you can set up weekly, biweekly, or monthly recurring requests! If you're someone who hosts regular events, the recurring request option could be perfect for you.

When making your request, simply select the frequency you need. Once the Panda completes your request, the next request will be created automatically for the same day of the week and timeframe.

In addition, you'll receive a 5% discount for your recurring request!

What if I need the Panda to purchase items?

Do you need the Panda to pay for your items for your party or event? If so, you can approve a maximum dollar amount the Panda can spend on your items. This is also called COGS (Cost Of Goods Sold).

Please note that a 4% bank service fee will be added to the COGS amount once your request is completed.

Can the same Panda accept my request every time?

Did you have an exceptionally wonderful experience with a specific Panda? You can set them as a Preferred Panda, and they'll be notified before anyone else when you make a new request!

The Preferred Panda feature is now available for Monthly Members. You can learn more about My PANDA Membership options here.

What if I have special instructions for my party or event?

Do you have specific instructions for the personal assistant, like "please only purchase and bring green non-permanent markers"? If so, you can let us know in the app!

You can describe what you need in the notes section of the request, and/or you can communicate directly with the Panda assigned to your request and let them know all the details. And remember, if you don't see the type of party/event task you need on the checklist you can always create a custom request. We'll let you know if it's something our Pandas can take on.

Not only that, but if you'd like the Panda can even take photos and notes and save them in our system so that future Pandas will know exactly how you like it done!