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Downtown square in Decatur, GA

Decatur, GA

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Nestled just east of downtown Atlanta, Decatur, GA exudes a captivating blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Whether it's the lively farmers market, neighborhood festivals, or community-driven initiatives, Decatur residents come together to celebrate their shared values, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels like they belong.

In Decatur, the sense of community runs deep, forming the very heartbeat of this charming city.

Situated on the east side of Atlanta, the East Atlanta Village (EAV) captures the essence of urban charm and community spirit. This dynamic neighborhood, known for its eclectic character, is a thriving hub for creativity and entertainment.

With its distinctive character, thriving music scene, culinary delights, and close-knit community, East Atlanta Village invites you to embrace its unique energy and experience the true essence of urban living with a dash of artistic flair.

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How My Panda Helps

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Members in Decatur love using My Panda to help with:

  • Kitchen Tidy Up
  • Pet Care
  • Shopping & Delivery

"Showed up right on time"

Robin was great. She showed up right on time, was very friendly, and got right to work. She wrapped presents for us, and they looked beautiful. We really appreciate her help. Thanks Robin!
Marc H., Financial Advisor & Dad undefined undefined

Marc H., Financial Advisor & Dad

Local Businesses Our Members Love

My Panda loves partnering with and supporting local businesses in Decatur. Our members frequently request services from some of these businesses through our app.

You can do this too by selecting "Shopping & Delivery" or "Custom Services" in our app, let us know what you need–and we'll do the rest!

Some of our local favorites include:

Your Dekalb Farmer's Market
  • (404) 377-6400
  • 3000 E Ponce de Leon Ave, Decatur, GA 30030
  • A diverse international market offering a wide range of fresh produce, groceries, and specialty items.
Hodgepodge Coffeehouse
  • (404) 622-8525
  • 720 Moreland Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316
  • A cozy neighborhood coffee shop with a relaxed atmosphere, serving a variety of coffee beverages and light snacks.
Kimball House
  • (404) 378-3502
  • 303 E Howard Ave, Decatur, GA 30030
  • A stylish cocktail bar and restaurant with a focus on craft cocktails and a menu of refined American cuisine.
  • (888) 534-8948
  • 630 East Lake Dr, Decatur, GA 30030
  • A community-based fitness studio offering group classes and personal training for individuals of all fitness levels.
Steinbeck's Restaurant
  • (404) 373-1116
  • 659 East Lake Dr, Decatur, GA 30030
  • A temporal, convivial, compact, quality driven, original little pub. It is chock-full with good booze, good food, and people who care very deeply about the place that they represent and how it represents them.
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