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Virginia Highlands neighborhood and sign in Atlanta, GA

Virgina Highlands - Atlanta, GA

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Nestled northeast of Downtown Atlanta, the Virginia Highland neighborhood is an idyllic sanctuary that intertwines the charm of historic Atlanta with the vibrancy of a bustling community hub. Spanning a 612-acre area, Virginia Highland, often affectionately referred to as "Va-Hi", is a refreshing landscape that offers a quaint yet exhilarating retreat for families and friends alike.

An original streetcar suburb dating back to the 1920s, Virginia Highland is a picturesque blend of tree-lined avenues, captivating bungalow houses, and thoughtfully curated green spaces. A stroll through the neighborhood promises an experience reminiscent of a simpler era, with the ease and convenience of modern living.

The neighborhood thrives with over 40 local and small businesses that line the lively 1.4 mile stretch of North Highland Avenue, creating a vibrant hive of activity perfect for a family day out. Whether you're exploring trendy boutiques, indulging in world-class fitness and wellness services, or savoring a cup of coffee at an organic cafe, Virginia Highland radiates a charm that is truly its own.

Yet, it's the neighborhood's ample green spaces that stand as a true testament to its allure for busy moms. From the tranquil trails of Orme Park that run along Clear Creek, to the scenic wonder of the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Virginia Highland offers a well-deserved break amidst nature's bounty.

The neighborhood's warm community spirit comes to life through an assortment of annual events. Whether it's the melodic strumming during Porchfest or the twinkling lights of Winterfest, there's always a reason to come together and celebrate in Virginia Highland.

Recently voted the “#4 Best Neighborhood in the South” by Southern Living Magazine, Virginia Highland is more than a neighborhood - it's a lifestyle. A place where residents and visitors converge, enjoying the rhythm of Atlanta's favorite restaurants and shops, while also relishing the serenity of a well-loved, family-friendly community. The Virginia Highland District is indeed a gem within Atlanta - a place where moms love using the My Panda app to balance busy schedules while also savoring life's little joys. Welcome to Va-Hi!

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"She did an incredible job"

Marsha is truly a jack of all trades. She reupholstered six old dining room chairs for me and she did an incredible job. She solved the problem, worked efficiently, and had a wonderfully positive attitude. I would recommend her!
Katie B.,Single working mom of two undefined undefined

Katie B.,Single working mom of two

Local Businesses Our Members Love

My Panda loves partnering with and supporting local businesses in Virginia Highlands. Our members frequently request services from some of these businesses through our app.

You can do this too by selecting "Shopping & Delivery" or "Custom Services" in our app, let us know what you need–and we'll do the rest!

Some of our local favorites include:

Alon's Bakery
  • (404) 872-6000
  • 1394 North Highland Ave. NE
  • Alon’s Bakery & Market is an award-winning restaurant and local favorite in Va-Hi, providing high-quality artisan baked goods and cuisine since 1992.
Ponce City Market
  • (404) 900-7900
  • 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308
  • Located off the Atlanta BeltLine and just walking distance from Virginia Highlands, PCM is a hub of interesting restaurants, shops, and community events.
Morningside Farmer's Market
  • 1411 N. Morningside Drive NE, Atlanta, GA 30306
  • Local vendors and community members connect every Saturday to buy and sell certified organic produce, local meats, breads, and goods year-round.
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