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My Panda Employee Benefit Program

A New Benefits Program that Reduces Employee Stress & Increases Productivity By Giving Them What They Need Most – More Time

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The My Panda℠ team is excited to announce a new program available to employers in Atlanta – the My Panda Employee Benefits Program!

Over the past couple of years, we have seen a pattern with the requests people make on our mobile app. Our happiest Members have found a way to leverage My Panda services to give them time to:

  • Sleep more
  • Spend more time with their family
  • Get to work 15 minutes earlier
  • Get an extra workout in

All of these activities improve their mental health, reduce stress and ultimately improve their overall life. Does this sound like something your employees would enjoy?

We know that My Panda is making a difference in so many people's lives, particularly those who work at demanding jobs. Research shows that if employers invest in their worker's physical and mental wellness, they will be more productive and engaged.

Yet, employees often find they don't have time to take advantage of "health" benefits like gym memberships and mental health apps. What they need most is access to services that save them time.

That's where My Panda steps in.

Meaningful Perks for Your Diverse Workforce

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Going back into the office is much easier when you know your household is taken care of

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Remote Workers

Having household tasks handled increases productivity while working from home

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Working Moms

Getting help with the endless amount of items on the moms’ to-do list reduces stress

Many perks offerings provide discounts for rental cars or admission to the zoo at no cost to the employer. My Panda's fractional personal assistant services can be one of those perks.

A 10% discount on folding that pile of laundry, picking the dog up from the vet and taking the bag of donations to Goodwill may be just what helps the busy accountant keep her head in the game during tax season.

You can even go one step further in supporting your team's mental wellbeing. For under $100/month per employee, you could provide a monthly membership and a couple hours of Panda services to the teachers, doctors, lawyers and nurses that are strained and overworked.

Those hours saved will give your valued workers the assurance that their boss does care about their overall wellbeing, at a fraction of the cost of other benefits.

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Employee Benefit Program at a Glance

Want to join other Atlanta employers who are increasing long-term employee retention and holistically supporting their entire team?

Here's a breakdown of our standard employee benefit program pricing:

+ 2 hours @ $40/hour
= $90/employee/month

*2 hour minimum - Additional hours may be purchased.

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Now is your chance to offer your employees a benefit program they'll never forget! Click the button below to contact our founder Tamara Lucas and get started today.

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